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penny’s beautiful hair - pig tails

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what an idiot

Poor thing! I’m laughing hard, though. :-D


what an idiot

Poor thing! I’m laughing hard, though. :-D

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Chandler: I don’t dance at weddings… Because weddings are a great place to meet women, and when I dance, I look like this…

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Charmed Appreciation Week
Day seven: Free choice

As the last post of the Charmed Appreciation Week, I would just like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that there was Charmed. The fact we were able to watch this wonderful piece of television for 8 years. The fact this magical show put all of us under a spell of loving it. The way the Charmed Ones did receive their happily ever after when they won the battles. The humor and jokes with which these witches took whatever came in their way. The love they shared with not only their family, but with the audience as well. I’m not saying Charmed was perfect, but it was a damn fantastic ride.

For all that and more I would like to thank everybody who worked on the show, because without them, we would be missing out.


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